Donor Logic

Donor Logic

Introducing DonorLogic™

DonorLogic™ is our proprietary, web-based application that can be used for resource allocation, financial auditing and reporting. It can also provide real-time updates on organ and staff location as they move from donor to recipient.

The application was born from the need to centralize transportation information for organs and transplant teams. The system can track a donor from the referral phase, through donation, and into administrative activites such as invoicing. No other system on the market can provide this end-to-end view.

A Complete View

Real-time flight tracking. Weather reporting. Text and email alerts to surgeons and staff on the ground. Personalized reporting. These are just a few of the features that our clients enjoy. Combined with the ability to access this system from a PC, Mac or iPad, DonorLogic is a genuinely useful and relevant tool for our industry.

DonorLogic is backed 24×7 with live technical support.

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